Jeri’s Jewels Story
At the age of 49, I had never wore a pair of earrings that dangled. I was a post/stud woman only. My friend at
work came back from a cruise with a gorgeous pair of earrings for me. They were pretty, but they were
loooong….at least one inch!! I was unsure about wearing them, but to avoid hurting her feelings, I knew I had to
do it.
After debating for a few weeks, I wore them. Then the next week, I wore them again. Then I bought MORE
dangles, then more.
While visiting a local craft show, I found my neighbor made earrings, so I had to have one of each color to
match every outfit I wore to work. They were all dangles and I loved them.
After a few months, my neighbor advised me she was leaving to go out west to pursue her career. I was
devastated. My personal jeweler was moving. I then thought and thought, what could I do?? Who would I get to
make my jewelry?? Would they do it on a moment’s notice and to my liking??
After much deliberating, I decided to ask her to teach me to make earrings. I was so excited to be learning a
craft. I was hooked on beads immediately from the first earring. Then came bracelets…then necklaces. After
learning the basics and getting them down, I dipped into the hard stuff. I went and bought sterling silver and
semi precious stones. Then to feed my addiction, I started SELLING them!! I was a bead dealer and it was
LEGAL!! I went to craft shows and people loved my beads.
I was completely hooked and knew that I could never quit. Beading was the high I needed. I loved it. I dreamed
of beads. I bought them a carried them home in little brown bags. I hid them in my purse. I was truly addicted.
I decided if it was legal to sell them on the streets of most cities, I could sell them online. I started my website
on Etsy and people from all over the world bought my beaded works. The addiction grew stronger.
Now I am the proud owner of my own home business, Jeri’s Jewels and sell beads to anyone and everyone.
Friends, if you are easily hooked on things, stay away from the beads. Just come shop with me as I am a
confirmed beadaholic.

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