October 2016

Rhododendron Bloom June 12, 2018

June 12th update on the Rhododendron Blooms. Today's weather on top of Roan Mountain is 58 degrees and foggy. The Rhododendron are in bloom. Rhododendron in the Carvers Gap area can be seen by walking

May 2016

Rekolections- 2016 Rhododendron Festival Vendor

Handmade jewelry and keepsakes by Johnny to include rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, charms, wind chimes & pens.

Dragonflydreamstoo – 2016 Rhododendron Festival Vendor

Dragonflydreamstoo!  is focused on providing high-quality handcrafted Kumihimo necklaces, etc. and Hand-knitted items tailored for customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.With a variety of offerings to choose from,

Just for me-mi jewelry – 2016 Rhododendron Festival Vendor

I love vintage silverware, especially the detailed pieces, and to be able to create beautiful and unique items from something old or discarded is an amazing experience, to take the beauty of yesterday and transform

Roan Mountain Honey- 2016 Rhododendron Festival Vendor

Roan Mountain Honey is made on the slopes of Roan Mountain In Buladean, North Carolina by beekeeper Bill Lord Spring honey has an amber color and is a mixture of spring wildflowers Sourwood honey is

Glass Creations- 2016 Rhododendron Festival Vendor

I am a glass enthusiast (read: FANATIC). I started in glass fusing about 9 years ago after my husband purchased my first kiln for Christmas. That set me on a path of experimentation, research, and realizing glass

Suncatchers Broken Glass Art – 2016 Rhododendron Festival Vendor

Love and Mercy upon Roan Mountain- 2016 Rhododendron Festival Vendor

My family lived up on Roan Mountain, and in the surrounding tiny towns and communities of the area, up along the border of North Carolina and Tennessee.  They were a sturdy stock that originally came

Periapts- 2016 Rhododendron Festival Vendor

All pieces are handmade and since the illustrations and print are from books, all are original and one-of-a-kind. Imperfections and variations exist, but tell the story of each piece. Hope you find a piece that

Hungarian Sausage King- 2016 Rhododendron Festival Vendor

Hungarian Sausage King and the Southern Belle was created as a Limited Liability Company in November 2013 by Csaba and Mellissa Szucs. The company is owned and operated by Csaba and Mellissa and their six

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